Parrot & Millet Magic Food Combo – 900gms

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Nourish your parrot & wild birds! Balanced parrot food + high-energy millet. Shop Now!

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Shower your feathered companions with love and complete care with the Nature Forever Parrot & Millet Magic Food Combo! This unique combination caters to both your cherished parrot and the wild birds visiting your backyard.

Indulge Your Parrot:

Nature Forever Parrot Food, included in this combo, is expertly formulated to provide a balanced diet specifically designed for parrots like parakeets, cockatoos, and African greys. Packed with essential seeds and grains, this no-mess formula offers complete nutrition for optimal health and vibrant feathers.

Energize Wild Visitors:

Millet Magic, the other star of this combo, is a delightful treat for wild birds. This high-energy food, brimming with essential nutrients, is easily digestible, making it perfect for birds of all sizes and ages. The small seed size is ideal for birds with smaller beaks, ensuring everyone gets a chance to enjoy this nutritious feast.


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