Garden Bird Feeder

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Eco-friendly bird feeder! Watch sparrows, munias & more from window. Easy refill & clean. Made in India. Shop Now!

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Bring the joy of birdsong to your doorstep with our Recycled Wood Garden Bird Feeder! Crafted from 100% recycled, weather-resistant wood, this eco-friendly feeder is not only good for the birds, but also for the planet.

The clear window allows you to observe your feathered friends up close as they enjoy a delightful meal. Attract a variety of birds like sparrows, silver bills, munias, babblers, and parakeets by offering a selection of birdseed. Remember to avoid salty and oily foods to ensure their well-being.

This versatile feeder can be mounted on walls, trees, balconies, or even near windows, transforming your space into a bird sanctuary. The easy-to-open roof allows for effortless refilling and cleaning, making it a breeze to maintain. Installation is as simple as hanging a photo frame, perfect for both homes and offices.

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