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Attract orioles, parakeets & more! Vibrant fruit feeder for birdwatching. Easy to use & refill. Shop Now!

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Bring a touch of nature and vibrant colors to your surroundings with the Nature Forever Society Fruit Feeder! This easy-to-use feeder is perfect for attracting a variety of fruit-loving birds, transforming your house, workplace, or yard into a birdwatching paradise.

The feeder’s design allows for effortless filling and monitoring of fruits, making it a breeze to keep your feathered visitors happy. Watch in delight as colorful birds like orioles, parakeets, oriental white-eyes, flowerpeckers, and bulbuls flock to your haven, creating a beautiful spectacle.

Made with bird-safe materials, this feeder provides a safe space for your avian friends to enjoy a healthy and delicious snack.

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Weight500 g
Dimensions20.5 × 7.6 × 23 cm


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